The top ways to save money on business water at your golf club!

At The Business Water Shop, we understand that the cost of water is a big overhead for each club. Reducing costs on electricity and gas bills is commonplace, but saving money on your business water costs is often overlooked. Here are the top ways to reduce the water costs for your golf club.


Check your current rates


This is the first and easiest starting point to save money on those sky-high bills! The majority of golf clubs in England and Scotland have never switched their water supplier or even gone into a contract with their current provider! Use our business water comparison service to see what you could save and even if you have moved into a contract at some point, give yourself peace of mind that you are paying competitive prices.


Consider using an automatic meter reader


Does your water supplier not read your meter enough? Or are you tired of manually reading your meter every month? Consider installing an automatic meter reader to ensure that your club is billed correctly every month. Installing an automatic reader can also help detect water leaks at the golf club that you may not be aware of, saving you money in the long run. Speak to our team for further information on installing an automatic meter reader.


Obtain a refund from your water provider


Undertake a business water audit to see if your business is being charged correctly for water and wastewater charges. If our team finds a refund we can make a claim going back up to six years. Many businesses we have worked with have claimed thousands of pounds in refunds! Completing a business water audit also allows us to check for hidden water leaks at the club that may be costing you money that you don’t know about.


Recycle your water


If you are able to collect excess rainwater from the course and recycle it then this can be a great way to save money. Water can be collected in places such as water butts or ponds and then recycled by using it in the irrigation system.


Golf Clubs across England & Scotland use our business water comparison service to compare, switch and save money on business water. See what your golf club could save today using our business water comparison service.


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